Facts about acne that everyone should know

Are you undergoing acne trouble and it feels like you are losing the battle? Surprisingly, it might be a lack of knowledge on how to contain the acne that is bringing about the complications. Ensure that you are doing everything within your power to ensure that you are at risk of lowering the cases of unprecedented outbreaks. Here are five facts about acne that you should know.

Chocolate can act as a trigger

fgfdgdfgdfgdgChocolate is widely consumed across the globe for its awesome taste. Also, chocolate is rich in healthy antioxidants that are good for the heart. Not many studies show that chocolate has an adverse effect on persons suffering from acne. For instance, dairy products and sugary foods raise your blood sugar content, triggering an instant outbreak of acne. Those who consume chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, suffer from low blood sugar. At this point, people are advised to avoid sugary foods such as sugar-sweetened drinks which raise the blood sugar level.

Stress is a trigger

Stress is unhealthy for the skin, in addition to your general well-being. This conclusion has been arrived at by leading researchers that focused on college students. As recorded in the Archives of Dermatology, the study shows that college students experience the most acne flares right around exam period. This is attributed to the stressful tensions that mark most exam weeks. No one can fully control their stress levels. However, there are healthy ways of dealing with it. For instance, one can sign up for yoga or meditation classes which help in controlling outbreaks of acne.

Exercise is good for your acne condition

There is a common misconception among those suffering from acne that exercising and vigorous workout will trigger an acne outbreak from sweat. Credible studies published by leading medical magazines show that sweat generated during the workout does not bring about a clog in skin pores neither does it contribute to pimples. The study did not arrive at any correlation between the hours spent exercising and the degree to which one sweats during the workout. Those who believe in this misconception end out missing out on the benefits of exercising for no reason.fdgdgdfgdfgdfgdfg

Tanning your acne might be counterproductive

During winter there are more cases of acne outbreaks than summer. This might be attributed to the less exposure the skin gets to sunlight. There is a lot of solid evidence that shows exposure to the sun improves the symptoms of acne. Openly lying under the sun comes with its demerits too. One drawback is the increased risk of getting skin cancer which accelerates aging of the skin. The amount of sunlight that is beneficial for those affected by acne is so minimal that it is not worth the risk of exposing your skin out into strong summer sun rays.

Squeezing your pimples is counterproductive

fdgdgdfgdfgdfgSome people assume that squeezing their pimples makes them heal quickly. Unfortunately, this is not so. When you pick or squeeze your pimples it will leave behind scars instead. In areas where the skin pigment is dark, the scars can be permanent. It is therefore imprudent that you resist the urge to interfere with your skin when it flares up.