How To Deal With Asthma

Controlling all the triggers of asthma can be a difficult task but below are some tips on how you can deal with asthma either individually or maybe it is your child or any other family member.

How to deal with asthma

Always have the necessary medicines just in case of an attack

frtgxcvvhbFor an asthmatic person, the albuterol inhaler should never be a miss. You should always carry it with you. The inhalers act as quick relievers.

Try and find out what triggers asthma

It could be a pet in the house or something in your surrounding. Talking of pets, cat dander commonly triggers asthma attacks. You should, therefore, keep the cat outdoor and if you are so attached to it, limit the places it can enter in the house for instance the bedrooms. Dogs can also trigger an asthma attack.As you know, people are different and hence may have different things that trigger their asthma attacks. This means that there are substances in the environment that can trigger and worsen asthma symptoms or result in an asthma attack. Dust, mold, pet dander pollen from flowering plants, someone smoking tobacco while you are around and air pollution.

You should identify the environmental triggers

tghbzxYou should keep your surrounding clean at all times. Dust carpets regularly and if possible replace them with tiles or wood as they are easier to dust off. Also, mop and vacuum several times a week but if you can make mopping a daily routine, the better. If you are asthmatic and carrying out the cleaning and dusting, always wear a mask. Find a way of controlling pests if any that is rodents or roaches. For children with asthma, wash their toys and bedding in hot water every week. Places that leak should be sealed and or even when water spills accidentally, dry it off before molds form.

Practice healthy eating and make it a routine

Prepare balanced diets at all times. There is a link between obesity and asthma signs and word have it that there are medicines that may not work for obese people.


5tfghjnsdfExercising is tied to maintaining a healthy weight, but when it comes to an asthmatic person, precaution is key. Consult the doctor about what your child or any other family member should do before exercising. Certain foods are believed to trigger asthma attacks meaning that eating away from home may be disastrous. Cooking at home is advantageous because you know what you or your loved one are allergic to and so you will avoid such foods.


Health Benefits Of Yoga You Should Know

Many of us are far from being healthy. We can blame it on so many things: sedentary lifestyle, bad food choices, filthy habits like smoking and drugs, and a dozen or so other reasons that keep our bodies from being as healthy as possible. And that is why it is about time that we take a positive step. Why not try yoga? There are a lot of health benefits of yoga to give us a reason to at least give it a shot.

Perhaps the first thing that crosses your mind when you meet the word yoga is that of a person, seated on a mat, and doing stretches. As strange as yoga positions may be, it is the stretches that bring a feeling of wellness to the individual performing it. By stretching your muscles, it helps to relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and tension. It also helps in lubricating the joints, making it easier and less painful to move our joints and other major body parts.

Now that you have a glimpse of what yoga is like, here are some of the popular health benefits of yoga

Improves your stance and posture

vfgcvbhIt greatly helps in improving your stance and posture. Yoga does this by keeping your muscles strong, giving it the strength to support your bones and your whole body. You will feel less stiffness even after long hours of being seated or standing, another of the yoga benefits that you will get.

Brings calmness and relaxation

In most cases, yoga is a good way to bring calmness and relaxation to your life. That is a fact which is what most yoga schools and products being sold with any relation to yoga are using in their marketing efforts. This is because yoga is effective in beating stress, and as such has become a favorite activity by tired city dwellers.

Improves lungs breathing capacity

redxfcvasgbWhile yoga cannot be put in the class of aerobic fitness exercise, it can improve our lung capacity. This is achieved via the mindful breathing that accompanies all yoga positions. Depending on the pose and purpose, the breath can be lengthened or deepened to contribute in body relaxation. This, in turn, allows for easier stretching and posing.

Lowers high blood pressure

If a high blood pressure is one of your main concerns, then you can give yoga a try. While no one can guarantee you that this is the solution to this health problem, it can still give you good results. Your blood pressure can be lowered since yoga helps in calming your body, removing the tension that otherwise would have been harmful to you.

Relieves depression

erdfcgvbxcFeeling depressed? Then take a yoga class. While the yoga you will be doing helps your concentration, it is the chance to interact with other people in the class that can also help you fight off depression. You can gain new friends and introduce yourself to other exciting new things. However, just think of yoga as a part of a solution package for depression.